Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SHIKI: Fall-Winter 2012 collection

This collection was created in collaboration with Vinn Wong, a RL artist and personal friend of Shinichi Mathy in RL. 
Vinn Wong was born Hong Kong and moved to Australia at the age of 7. He realized his love and talent for fine arts in his late teens and went on to study film at Griffith University Film School in Brisbane.
He turned to painting after realizing the medium he studied in university couldn't fully express his emotions and satisfy his creative desires.
Vinn's artworks are raw, unhindered and honest. When painting, Vinn likes to "let the picture paint itself" where he allows his heart to take over. Often used as a record of his emotions throughout experiences of love, hardship and other trying times, Vinn's works are a daring revelation of himself shed of all barriers.
Vinn now lives in Tokyo.
To read more about Vinn Wong, please visit his website at:
Part of the fall-Winter collection, you can find this amazing outfit, called "Echoes", here on the black version.
The outfit comes with mesh jacket in 4 sizes, tshirt on all layers and slacks in normal fit and tight fit in 4 sizes.
Again Shiki amaze his fans with this brand new collection!

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