Saturday, January 28, 2012

OGlam Presents: iNSIDE It Could Be You Finals


Over the past year, OGlam Agency has been hosting a grand styling and runway competition in search of the Face of OGlam 2012. On January 29th, our finalists will duke it out to see who reigns supreme!
iNSIDE 2011 Finalists:
Annough Lykin
Aphrodite Brianna
Clyde Saunders
Ngozi Faith
Secrets Baily
Sinontherocks (Absinthe)
Sylphia Constantine
Zachary Zufreur
Join us January 29, 2012 at 2pm SLT as these 8 finalist take to the catwalk to battle it out as the Face of OGlam 2012! You won't want to miss this competition!
They are competing for the following:
•Official "FACE of OGlam 2012"
•20,000L CASH PRIZE!!
•"Face of OGlam 2012" Spread in SCRUPLZ AND INWORLD Magazine!
Full list of sponsors:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Menswear Fashion Week 2012 Model Seach


Hello Models!
You are invited to take part in our annual castings for a chance to participate in MWFW 2012 shows this coming March 23rd-31st. If you are already in the Siren Productions group, there is no need to do this casting.

▣ What we're looking for:
 MALE and FEMALE models with impeccable mens/unisex styling.

▣ Casting Information:
    When: Thursday 26th, January 2012 - 4pm SLT
      1. All notecard submissions must be made prior to the time of the casting.
      2. We ask that you arrive to the casting location at  least 15-25 minutes before we begin at 4pm SLT.

 Where: MWFW 2012 Model Search (Backstage)

What you need:
              1. A fully styled Swimwear look ready to be worn at the time of castings. Be mindful that you will be assessed on prim adjustment and coordination technique. 
              2.  DVC hud for cueing
              3.  Your casting application must be sent in.
                  ∙Send your application to Garrett Ceriano by  Thursday 26th, January 2012 - 12pm SLT
                  ∙Make sure to rename the notecard with your name in the name field and save it. All applications without names will be discarded.
                   ∙Snapshots must not be edited and must be 1024x1024. We want to see your skin and shape please dress minimally.  Head and full body shots must be unedited. Formal shot may be slightly edited. Full perms please.
                 ∙Fill out the fields under the line and send it in! Looking forward to receiving your apps.

        Full SL Name:
        Rez Date:
        How long have you been modeling?
        Number of agencies you're in:
        Affiliated with any agency as management?
       Full Body shot:

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Walking on the hills


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Visiting Venice

Some of the best things we can do on SL, is Explore.
I met for the first time, one of the most romantic cities:VENICE.
You land on the famous "Ponte de Rialto", and when all reez, it seems you have the vision of one of the most beautiful cities built by man.
For me, that sadly never went there in RL, it was really a feast for my eyes, seeing all those bridges and channels, walking along the grand canal, seeing the amazing palaces and even the litle fish market near "Rialto", or the police station.
This SIM it's a perfect place for chating with friends, while you taste a delicious "capuccino", or even for a romantic date on board of the famous "gondola".
Ci Vediamo a Venezia!


Hair: MADesigns (ANDREI)
Piercing: Crystal line
Lip Piercing: A:S:S deLuxe
VEST: Zenith
BOOTS: Severed Garden
EYES: Fashism


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

House of Europe - Releases Philip

Modern, metalic and glamourous is the best way to describe this amazing new release for men from "House of Europe".
Inspired by the metalic colored fabrics, that since the 70's have their growing place on the fashion industry, Didier Rascon created this amazing new suit.
The suit takes the name of Philip Dollinger, Mr. Europe 2011, and is available in 5 colors (black, blue, brown and two tones of grey)
It comes with several options, from a bowtie to a flexi tie, wearable with or without jacket.
As an extra to complement the suit for more glamorous occasions, a fabulous shoulder fur jacket is part of the pack.
Don't miss this fantastic new release!

Main Store

Monday, January 16, 2012

Casablanca Gaming

SL has a huge variety of things to do, and for my readers that like to try their luck, I leave this post.

A Classy Gaming facilty
(Don't forget to go upstairs as there are games up there too).
When you spend money today - you get back 1% tomorrow. Click this board and claim your money!
These are above the machines. Beat the score mentioned on them and win the jackpots!
Note that these are dependent on the game price you play.
CONTESTS - we run these every 1000 games for games costing 50 L$ and above!
A group of 5 people win 2000 L$ by playing on the 50-250 L$ machines
Another gorup of 5 win 20,000 L$ by playing on the 500-2500 L$ machines
A high roller group of people win 50,000 L$ by playing on the 3000-25000 L$ machines!
We have listened to you and only put in games you have asked for - as follows:-
* Ace;
*No Devil;
Looking forward to seeing you at Casablanca
Good Luck!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

OGlam Agency - new enrolment

OGlam Academy Enrollment now open for our next round of training!!
We have been called the most comprehensive model education available on SL, We offer training for all students at every stage of modeling from new to modeling to advanced.
Next term will begin week of 30th January.
Complete an admissions form here:
Curriculum is viewable here.
You must attend all classes with your instructor at your level to qualify to take the final evaluation, there are no make up classes. If you can not make a class you will be expected to repeat the course at half the original price to qualify for evaluation.
That is 8 for basic and intermediate levels
If you have any questions feel free to contact Keeley Cooperstone or Angelik Lavecchia
Basic Level = 2500L
Intermediate Level = 3000L
Once accepted by O Glam payments are made to Alex Spot. Please pay each level upon graduation of the previous one.
Payment point is located at

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hair: MADesigns(Morgan) in Dark Brown
Swimsuit - Vitamen  (SideRing Bikini Bandana Casis)

Necklace: [CheerNo] JESUS HEART 

Lip Piercing: A:S:S deLuxe

Finger Glove - Zpr

Skin: Egoisme

Wings: INU-YA Wings by’ Ackel Jewell

InWorld Inc presents "City of Angels"

InWorld Inc. Present
City Of Angel – Introducing Show For InWorld Elite Model
Date:14th January 2011
Time: 2PM SLT
Place: InWorld Inc. Head Quarter
Designers: VITAMEN by’ Vitamen Hax
Countdown by’ AntoniaXp
INU-YA Wings by’ Ackel Jewell
InWorld Inc. Elite Models

Friday, January 6, 2012

OGlam Presents: [sYs] The Watchers

The year is 2124. The planet Earth has undergone major climate changes.  The global cooling has covered it with ice and snow. Earthquakes felt during these years have destroyed our cities.
Few have survived and we live in an age of chaos.
But a group of warriors guard our streets and help the weak, fighting evil... The [sYs] Watchers.
Join us on the 7th of  January at 2 PM as Syane and Systi Cisse of [sYs] takes you to the post-apocolyptic future with fierce Winter fashion.

OG Models for The Watchers [sYs]  Show:
Angelik Slade
Carley Benazzi
Clyde Saunders
Leah McCullough
Phillip Dollinger
Sylphia Constantine
Wicca Merlin

OG Voice Host/ Music & Chat Host :
Summer Deadlight & Vixie Rayna

OG Show Concept:
Matteo Bettencourt & Vixie Rayna

OG Graphic & Photographer Team:
Lulu Jameson  & Vixie Rayna

OG Runway Manager:
Matteo Bettencourt

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!!!!

                                                                                                                                                                         2011 for me, was a year full of great possibilities.
Mostly, was an year of hard work, and I had the chance to work with some amazing designers and see more male collections coming to SL.
A year where I had the honor to be nominated and win some titles, that, mostly brought me the joy of knowing that hard work still pays off.

Through the year, I met some amazing people, that proved to me that it's still posible to believe in a better world:
A world where charity is seen as what it really is, and not a way of promotion.
A world where people have only one word, and not one word for each situation.
A world where honesty and humility are not mere words.

Not all things in life are like in fairy tales, but most important is that we all keep in mind that it's the ups and downs that make us grow as individuals, and specially it's in the downs that we can see the difference between good and the bad and know exactly who our friends are, or who is close to us cause it's convenient.

For 2012, I wish that both RL or SL bring the best to each of you!
A 2012 where people that work hard can reach their dreams.
A 2012 where people think more of others, instead of just their ego.
A 2012 where "drama" is just an art category
A 2012 where SL designers have more amazing creations and have their clothes as "the true stars".