Monday, January 16, 2012

Casablanca Gaming

SL has a huge variety of things to do, and for my readers that like to try their luck, I leave this post.

A Classy Gaming facilty
(Don't forget to go upstairs as there are games up there too).
When you spend money today - you get back 1% tomorrow. Click this board and claim your money!
These are above the machines. Beat the score mentioned on them and win the jackpots!
Note that these are dependent on the game price you play.
CONTESTS - we run these every 1000 games for games costing 50 L$ and above!
A group of 5 people win 2000 L$ by playing on the 50-250 L$ machines
Another gorup of 5 win 20,000 L$ by playing on the 500-2500 L$ machines
A high roller group of people win 50,000 L$ by playing on the 3000-25000 L$ machines!
We have listened to you and only put in games you have asked for - as follows:-
* Ace;
*No Devil;
Looking forward to seeing you at Casablanca
Good Luck!

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