Sunday, July 31, 2011


Champagne! Sparkling releases the two last outfits made for Mr. Virtual World 2011, to represent Mexico and Peru.

CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion

It gives me a great honor to present this outfit, costum made for me to wear as National Costume of Peru!!! THANK YOU ENZO CHAMPAGNE!!!


PERUVIAN TREASURE captures flawlessly the Inca Culture!!!
The Inca Empire was the largest empire in pre-Columbian America and arose from the highlands of Peru sometime in the early Thirteenth Century. Although the Incas never created a method of writing, they did leave behind richly colorful textiles, diagrams, and symbols which are represented here in PERUVIAN TREASURE.
The Sun God was highly valued among the Incas and is the main theme of PERUVIAN TREASURE. The large chest piece of this costume is impressively powerful, made of solid gold, with a large sun in the center of the chest, bold and majestic shoulder and collar prims, and with the Peruvian flag emblazoned on each shoulder. The black and white briefs are textured with Inca symbols and a multi-hued, vividly colorful belt encircles the waist. Bracelets and leg ornaments containing a kaleidoscope of color, feathers, stones, beads, and symbolic textures are also included.
The tall, detailed headpiece of this outfit is awe-inspiring. Made of solid gold, the Sun God sits in a place of honor, with two gold panthers at his side, surrounded in an arc of gold feathers symbolizing the rays of the sun. Rising up from the gold feathers is a solid arched fan of gold with vibrantly colorful streamers draping down on either side.
The Incas believed themselves to the Sun’s children and were called “Children of the Sun.” Although eventually conquered by the Spanish conquistadors in the mid Sixteenth Century, the Inca civilization left an indelible mark. Now you can own this splendid testament to this ancient civilization which will always remain an important part of Peruvian culture.

AZTEC WARRIOR pays homage to the Eagle Warrior or Eagle Knights as they were known: A special class of infantry soldier in the Aztec Army. These were the bravest soldiers of noble birth and the most feared warriors.
The intricate and ornate gold chest piece is inscribed with colorful ancient symbols and encrusted with jewels and religious images. A bright orange cloak or “tilmatli” ties around the neck.
Jewelry was of great importance to the Aztecs and is prominently featured with this outfit. Gold arm cuffs, wrist cuffs, and leg adornments, set with multi-colored jewels compliment the demeanor of this fierce warrior. The stunning warrior belt contains a large insignia in the center, and is sumptuously adorned with lavish textures and brightly hued jewels and beadwork. Also included are footed sandals with a color-changing HUD to match your skin.
The Eagle Warriors were soldiers of the sun, for the eagle was the symbol of the sun. This is graphically portrayed in the stunning headpiece of this costume. The Aztec Eagle is the focal point of the headpiece and is surrounded by elaborate and colorful jewels and beads, draping down the sides of the face, and leading up to voluminous multi-colored feathers which surround and adorn the entire head.
Feathers played a very important role to the Aztecs and are also prominently featured with the gold spear and shield included with AZTEC WARRIOR. The grandiose gold shield is imprinted with the Sun God, surrounded by bright orange feathers, and the spear of lustrous solid gold contains Aztec symbols and orange plumage as well.
The clothing worn by the Aztec soldiers were very distinct and one of their most prominent characteristics. Now you can own a piece of their history and feel the powerful presence when you wear AZTEC WARRIOR.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Egoisme releases "Flat sandals"

Egoisme releases today this amazing sculpted flat sandals.

Very modern and with a simple designn, this sandals are the perfect match for the fresh summer looks.

The sandals with sculpted feet, are copy/mod, and include a HUD that able to change skin tint, nails colour and to tint the leather. In adiction, it allows to add shiny, glossy or resize both sandals together by HUD.

Price: 350 lindens
(Egoisme Prestige members have 25% discount)

Definatelly, a must have!!

EGOISME main store

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CHAMPAGNE releases Mr. Virtual World 2011 costumes: Portugal, Brazil and Italy

For Mr. Virtual World 2011, Enzo Champagne created five stunning outfits that truly represented the best National Heritage of each country. Brasil, Italy and Portugal are the first to be released, and here they are!!!!

CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion

BRAZILIAN MAJESTY, is true to its name.  This is truly one of the most creative and flamboyant costumes designed this year.

Prior to the arrival of Europeans in 1500 A.D., Brazil was home to over 1,000 Indian tribes, with a total estimated population of between 5 and 13 million people.  BRAZILIAN MAJESTY is a tribute to the rich cultural history of these tribes.
Brilliant color, plumage, and Brazilian symbolism is what this outfit is all about.  The back accessory is a sea of green feathers in the center outlined with bright yellow feathers.  Large vines lay against the feathers, with two larger-than-life tiger heads prominently displayed, one on each side, and a thrillingly beautiful green parrot (clutching the flag of Brazil in his beak) at the very center top.  Home to 60% of the Amazon Rainforest, which accounts for approximately one-tenth of all species in the world, Brazil is considered to have the greatest biodiversity of any country on the planet, and this mind-blowing back accessory is a testament to these facts.
The skirt is fabulously detailed with green and yellow feathers.  Animal teeth are affixed to the green, yellow, and blue colorful belted cording which surrounds the skirting and hangs down the front.
And oh the jewelry!!  Stunning, multiple wooden and beaded bangles encompass both the left and right wrists to the forearms, brilliantly colored and detailed for you.  The many necklaces contain beads, feathers, and teeth, creating a smorgasbord of colors and textures that surround the neck and continue down the front of the chest.  Two orange bandana-type pieces of material are tied above each knee, and two blue and yellow woven ankle adornments are also included.
The headpiece is – well – simply astonishing in its splendor!  Intricate woven textures surround the front of the headpiece, and strands of beads dangle down each side of the face, with shrunken skulls at the ends!  A myriad of green, yellow, and orange feathers sit in the center of the headpiece.
And yes, no detail has been left out – also included is the magnificent eye makeup and body tattoos.
The richly woven greens, yellows, and blues of BRAZILIAN MAJESTY incorporate the colors of the Brazilian flag.  This one will leave you speechless.

Fit for a leader of men, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion is pleased to present ROMAN LEGION, created to glorify the ancient Centurians who led this noble nation!

Centurions in the Roman infantry initially commanded a “century” of soldiers (a legion which could contain anywhere from 200 to 1,000 men).  During later reforms, this number was reduced to 100 at full strength; hence today we use the word “century” to denote the number 100.
This glorious costume is a feast for the eyes!  The bold and masculine chest piece is made of richly dark bronze leather, with golden embellishments prominently displayed at the collar and on the front.  A magnificent red cape which hangs below the knees sports double gold piping around the edges.  Note the leather strap detailing on the edges of the red capped sleeves of the shirt which lies under the chest piece.
The matching skirt is held in place by a matching leather buckled belt with straps which hang down the front of the skirt and contain flattened gold nails fastened to each piece for an extra touch of fabulous detail!  Textured golden armor plates are seen around the forearms and around the legs.  The leather strapped and footed sandals are also provided, along with a color-changing HUD to match your skin.
And no warrior would be complete without a magnificent sword and shield, and both are included here!  Note that ROMAN LEGION comes with three skirt options for you:  one with the weapon in, one with weapon out, and one with the skirt by itself.  You choose how you wish to wear this one!
To complete this outfit, a stunning golden helmet is included, with plumes of brilliant red feathers in a mohawk-like fashion on top.
ROMAN LEGION represents brave and powerful leaders -- men who often gave their lives because they led from the front, occupying a position at the front right of the century formation.  You, too, can own this bold, magnificent outfit for yourself.  Your chariot awaits!  Take it to CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion and own this one today!


CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion proudly presents PORTUGAL de CAMOES, an extravagant, regal tribute to Luís Vaz de Camões, renowned sixteenth century Portuguese poet and considered a major figure in English literature.
PORTUGAL de CAMOES is truly stunning to behold.  The white shirt has full sleeves that are detailed with metallic gold trimmings, a high lace collar, and is complimented by an ornately golden textured vest.  A majestic richly colored red cape sits atop the left shoulder, draping across the front and covering the back, with ruby jeweled detailing.  It is affixed to the shoulder with an additional metallic gold accessory.  And the gold does not stop there!  Gold armor lies atop the left shoulder and a handsome gold cuff surrounds the left wrist.
The gold pants are covered with intricate pieces of gold armor, a solid gold belt, and matching gold shoes, all detailed with ruby gems, each gem outlined in green piping, with additional green piping on the shoes.  The gold, green, and red colors of the entire outfit are symbolic of the colors of the Portuguese flag.
Staying true to the life and legacy of Luís Vaz de Camões, who lost his eye in battle, an eye-patch with the Portuguese flag is provided (an additional red patch, without the flag texture, is included).  And befitting the illustrious warrior and beloved hero that he was, a golden crown of leaves sits atop the head.
PORTUGAL de CAMOES is iconic and yet maintains a very fresh and contemporary look.  Gentlemen, you will love this amazing and stunningly detailed, richly woven and uniquely created tribute to the beautiful country of Portugal!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lovely Mi - Model of the Month Contest

The make up brand "Lovely Mi" is about to turn one year on the grid and to celebrate, decided to start a contest for both men or women.
Every month the Lovely Mi Staff will select 1 model that will represent Lovely Mi for an entire month, getting all makeups released on that month and some awesome prizes!
W h a t   d o   y o u   h a v e   t o   d o ?

- Each month 2 makeups will be selected from the Lovely Mi store that will take part of the contest.
- JOIN the "Lovely Mi Make-ups" Flickr group:
- Make a picture of yourself (headshot only please) wearing one of the Lovely Mi Makeups selected for that month.
Size 1024x2048 or 2048x2048 px

- Rename them on flickr as follows "Lovely Mi - "Month" (Your Name)"
Ex. "Lovely Mi - August - Angelik Lavecchia"

Submit all images before the 22nd of each month, winner will be announced between then 22nd and the 25th of the month.

1. A new makeup named and inspired after the model of that month.
2. A poster that shall be featured on blogs, flickr, all Lovely Mi Locations and more.
3. The poster will be made by the photographer CADE NANSEN!
R u l e s   t o   P a r t i c i p a t e
- All images must be headshots so the makeup can be appreciated properly.
- You can submit up to 2 images per month.
- Credit your photographer in case you didn't take it.
- SIZES are 1024x2048 or 2048x2048 px
- All images submitted may be used by Lovely Mi as we see fit. Lovely Mi reserves the right to disqualify any image based on our criteria.

For this September the makeups will be:


Lovely Mi @ O Glam Inc
Lovely Mi @ Gizza
Lovely Mi @ Bittr.End

Contest Sponsored by:
Lovely Mi Makeups
L o v e l y * P h o t o g r a p h y
C a d e . N a n s e n . P h o t o g r a p h y

(If you wish to become a sponsor for the contest please IM LovelyMiwako7399 Menna in world or send her a notecard)


Friday, July 15, 2011

Egoisme releases "Alessandro"

Egoisme is proud to announce the new skin: Alessandro, that will be released Wednesday.


Both skins will be avaible also  with vivitone system.

Vividtone layer will make you look younger, prettier, and tanner today. Tomorrow, it will make you look like you have leather skin and are Native American!

Enjoy your second life with Egoisme.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sirem Productions presents Men's 24


24 Menswear Designers...
4 Amazing Hair Designers...
4 Wonderful Skin Artists...
4 Fabulous Accessory Designers...
1 Week...

Only one thing to decide....
Will you be an Individual?

KMADD, Menstuff, and Virtual World Network along with Siren Productions are excited to bring you The Men 24. This wonderful event takes place August 19th-27th, 2011. 24 amazing menswear designers have come together by invitation only to create Exclusive Limited Edition Outfits. Joining them are 4 prominent Skin Designers, 4 Accessory Designers, and 4 Hair Designers creating limited edition exclusive hair, skins, and accessories all for the gentlemen of Second Life!
Join us for an opening fashion show on August 19th, 2011 11am-12pm SL as we display all of the Exclusive Limited Edition Outfits on the Runway as Virtual World Network films the entire show to be Broadcast on their network. If you missed it the first time we will repeat the entire show August 24th, 2011 6-7pm SL. We have a load of treats instore including industry parties with all of our Media Partners KMADD, Avenue, Maniera, Scruplz, Peoplz, ICON, Too Sexy. Secondnights, and Pure Magazine. Wonderful exclusive fashion shows, entertainers, and great events are just the tip of the ice berg!
Be distinctive, show your own personal style, and be original! All of the outfits you see will be up for sale with only 107 being produced. 100 to be sold to the general public, 5 for bloggers & magazines, and 2 for models. You can find more details on the event including, biographies of the designer, headshots, calendar, and all the latest details at Second Nights.

Menswear Designers
1. Shiki
Designer: Shinichi Mathy
2. The Black Canary
Designer: Morrigan Denimore
3. Egoisme
Designer: Ramses Meredith
4. Legal Insanity
Designer: DATRIP Blackbart
5. Gabriel
Designer: Takuya Jinn
6. Connors
Designer: Salah Axel
7. A:S:S
Designers: Photos Nikolaidis & Storm Torvalar
8. Mohna Lisa Couture:
Designer: Mohna Lisa
9. Gizza Creations
Designers: Giz Seorn & Auster Elan
10. Vitamen
Designer: Vitamen Hax
11. The Brocade Tiger
Designer: Lexi Vargas
12. Rfyre
Designer: Raven Pennyfeather
13. Baiastice
Designer: Sissy Pessoa
14. FA Creations
Designer: Halieetus Westland
15. Vero Modero
Designer: Bouquet Babii
16. Zanzo
Designer: Theodore Ducasse
17. Razorblade Jacket:
Designer: Kehl Razor
18. Lazybum:
Designer: Luciano Enoch
19. Blackswan
Designer: Phillip Dolliner
20. Evoke
Designer: Atomicsparkle Skytower
21. Menlosophy
Designer: Ziamela Loon
22. Harding & Dobbs English Tailor
Designer: Stetson Lane
23. Faster Pussycat
Designer: Honey Bender
24. House of Europe
Designer: Didier Rascon

Skin Designers
1. Belleza
Designer: Tricky Boucher
2. Lavie
Designer: Pompeja Rossini
3. Prodigal
Designer: Ry0ta Exonar
4. Rock Candy
Designer: Maliske Misfit

Hair Designers
1. Anaphora
Designer: Nishant Zobovic
Designer: Maddox Dupont & Kirk Claymore
3. Shag
Designer: Sebastien Aries
4. Zeus
Designer: Fuu Sohl

Accessory Designers
1. Adjunct
Designer: Myvegancookbook Bolissima
2. [Acide!]
Designer: Acide Innovia
3. Kari
Designer: Menno Ophelia
Designer: Jori Watler

Contact Person: Lexie Jansma

2nd Moolto Sisters Hunt - Styling Contest continuously strives to add value for our friends at Moolto and our latest endeavour took the form of a hunt!
Wear the magic glasses and have a lot of fun, was the motto!!!
From 1st-31st June, MOOLTO sisters hunted for the 2nd time through all the grid.
TOP DESIGNERS... Clothes, shoes, hairs, skins, poses, shapes, accessories... ALL that a girl can ask for, was part of the great package of amazing prizes of the MOOLTO hunt!!!
From 1st-10th July, they posted pictures, showing their best mix-n-match abilities, using items picked up from the hunt.
On July 17th, the fashionistas will show their styling abilities on a runway. Independent judges will cast their votes which will amount to 50% of total.
From 17th-31st July, PUBLIC VOTING on Moolto will be open. This voting will amount 50% of the total.
Prizes to be won:
1st Place: L$5.000 + feature in MORE Magazine
2nd Place: L$ 2.500+ feature in MORE Magazine
Join us on this event!!!

Date: Sunday 17th July
Time: 11am to 1pm
Location (Runway cafe)

Costa Rica Sims Productions presents "MUISM"

Angelik Lavecchia
Hikaru Enimo
LesPaul Ibanez
Pheonix Reyer

Saturday, 9 July 2011, 3:00PM SLT

Muism Fashion Venue

Muism is an established and promising clothing brand in Second Life. Their presence in fashion since 2007 proves that their designs have conquered the test of time in this constantly growing and evolving virtual world. Muism has offered in vogue fashion to new and experienced residents from all over the world, and continues to do so with this new collection.
The versatile designs of Muism demonstrates that they work well in creating looks that are fresh and fitting for your style.This new collection from Muism will provide a glimpse into the future of the brand, while striving to bring their designs and customers to a new level. 
CONTACT: Icemocolo Voom, Owner

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sartoria Black & White Collection 2011

More than just a usual collection, "The black and white collection" from SARTORIA brings us the true concept of mix-n-match, where the items are sold in seperate, leaving us the posibility of choosing what pieces to use to create the look that best suit us. Full of amazing pieces from pants to shirts, jackets and even shoes. Don't miss this opportunity to see not just the new collection, but too the amazing new look of the store.

Video preview:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mister Virtual World 2011 - Styling Challenge #1

After 2 months of selection, the Mister Virtual World 2011 candidates will pass through a process of Styling Challenges and interviews, until they reach the final event, held on the 16th July 2011.
RL vs. SL fashion was the theme for the first challenge.
The Misters were asked to bring to SL the best D&G inspiration.
For this challenge, I decided to take inspiration from the D&G Spring/Summer 2010 collection, and added some trends to use by male on this Spring/Summer 2011, like black.
Here's the result:


Styling Card:
Shirt, Tie and Jacket: Sartoria (part of the new Silk suit from the BW collection)
Pants: Son!a (pants from Lyn Jeans set)
Hair: U.December (Attention hair)
Glasses: Kalnins (Uniqua)
Boots: Hoorenbeck (Western Boots)
Bag: NSD (Durham Bag)

Photographer: Didier Rascon

Friday, July 1, 2011

MIAMI fashion week

 July 15th-22nd 2011

Miami (South Beach) is renown for it's lavish, and extravagant style, mixing haute couture with the latest trends, straight from the runway! This Summer Opium Fashion Agency are proud to be working alongside with O-Glamour INC to bring you Miami Fashion Week 2011, Mirroring Mercedez Benz Fashion Week, held in July in Real life.

Miami Fashion Week 2011 aims to unite Designers, Models & fashionista's grid wide, creating a backdrop to showcase the latest trends for the Summer Season!  Featuring an array of talented and experienced individuals, from two of the most professional agencies inworld, O-Glamour INC and Opium Fashion Agency.
Opium Fashion Agency's own Models In  Motion, led by the stellar and accomplished Brittainy Collins, will also be preforming at several of the events.
The much awaited fashion week will be  christened to sail  on July15, 2011 with a glamourous VIP Only White Party- South Beach Style,  as well as closed with a major closing party with dj's from BOSl Radio that is opened to all.
Designers to be Showcased in this exciting event are:
Alb Dream Fashion, Blacklace, Chantkare,  Deity,  Diram, Faster Pussycat, Finesmith, Gizza,
House of Europe,  Indyra Originals,  K- Code,  MEB,  Morea Style,  Nemesis,  Purple Moon ,
Sartoria,  Shiki,  Son!a Luxury Fashion ,  SYS Designs,  Tres Beau,  and  Vero Modero.

Thank you also to our MFW 2011 Sponsors:
BOSL Magazine and Bosl Radio, LovelyMi Makeup,  Mary Jane Shoes (MJS), Moolto,  Monaco Yachts,  People Magazine, Plume,  PNP, Pulse Magazine,  and Scruplz Magazine.
2011 Summer MFW Flyer  and promo ads done by the amazing Talyia  Tarber.
You do not want to miss this exciting week of glitz and only Miami South Beach can bring it.
For any questions or a VIP Invitation Please Contact Amazon Silverweb, Anastacia Matkova or Matteo Bettencourt.