Sunday, July 31, 2011


Champagne! Sparkling releases the two last outfits made for Mr. Virtual World 2011, to represent Mexico and Peru.

CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion

It gives me a great honor to present this outfit, costum made for me to wear as National Costume of Peru!!! THANK YOU ENZO CHAMPAGNE!!!


PERUVIAN TREASURE captures flawlessly the Inca Culture!!!
The Inca Empire was the largest empire in pre-Columbian America and arose from the highlands of Peru sometime in the early Thirteenth Century. Although the Incas never created a method of writing, they did leave behind richly colorful textiles, diagrams, and symbols which are represented here in PERUVIAN TREASURE.
The Sun God was highly valued among the Incas and is the main theme of PERUVIAN TREASURE. The large chest piece of this costume is impressively powerful, made of solid gold, with a large sun in the center of the chest, bold and majestic shoulder and collar prims, and with the Peruvian flag emblazoned on each shoulder. The black and white briefs are textured with Inca symbols and a multi-hued, vividly colorful belt encircles the waist. Bracelets and leg ornaments containing a kaleidoscope of color, feathers, stones, beads, and symbolic textures are also included.
The tall, detailed headpiece of this outfit is awe-inspiring. Made of solid gold, the Sun God sits in a place of honor, with two gold panthers at his side, surrounded in an arc of gold feathers symbolizing the rays of the sun. Rising up from the gold feathers is a solid arched fan of gold with vibrantly colorful streamers draping down on either side.
The Incas believed themselves to the Sun’s children and were called “Children of the Sun.” Although eventually conquered by the Spanish conquistadors in the mid Sixteenth Century, the Inca civilization left an indelible mark. Now you can own this splendid testament to this ancient civilization which will always remain an important part of Peruvian culture.

AZTEC WARRIOR pays homage to the Eagle Warrior or Eagle Knights as they were known: A special class of infantry soldier in the Aztec Army. These were the bravest soldiers of noble birth and the most feared warriors.
The intricate and ornate gold chest piece is inscribed with colorful ancient symbols and encrusted with jewels and religious images. A bright orange cloak or “tilmatli” ties around the neck.
Jewelry was of great importance to the Aztecs and is prominently featured with this outfit. Gold arm cuffs, wrist cuffs, and leg adornments, set with multi-colored jewels compliment the demeanor of this fierce warrior. The stunning warrior belt contains a large insignia in the center, and is sumptuously adorned with lavish textures and brightly hued jewels and beadwork. Also included are footed sandals with a color-changing HUD to match your skin.
The Eagle Warriors were soldiers of the sun, for the eagle was the symbol of the sun. This is graphically portrayed in the stunning headpiece of this costume. The Aztec Eagle is the focal point of the headpiece and is surrounded by elaborate and colorful jewels and beads, draping down the sides of the face, and leading up to voluminous multi-colored feathers which surround and adorn the entire head.
Feathers played a very important role to the Aztecs and are also prominently featured with the gold spear and shield included with AZTEC WARRIOR. The grandiose gold shield is imprinted with the Sun God, surrounded by bright orange feathers, and the spear of lustrous solid gold contains Aztec symbols and orange plumage as well.
The clothing worn by the Aztec soldiers were very distinct and one of their most prominent characteristics. Now you can own a piece of their history and feel the powerful presence when you wear AZTEC WARRIOR.

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