Saturday, May 19, 2012

M E T R O Grand Opening

M E T R O  Grand Opening Event - May 19, 2012
Created by SL model and marketer, Seth Diabolito, M E T R O is the fashion mecca for the stylish male avatar. With a focus on helping the men of Second Life look their best, M E T R O offers shoppers three levels of some of the grid's best brands in clothing, jewelry, shoes, skins, shapes, hair, poses, and more. To kick off the arrival of M E T R O onto the SL fashion scene, the Grand Opening event will be held on Saturday, May 19, 2012 from 10:30am SLT to 2pm SLT.

M E T R O  Grand Opening Location:

• 10:30am SLT to 11am SLT = Free male styling workshop led by top SL model and pageant veteran, Angelik Lavecchia
• 11am SLT to 11:30am SLT =  Free male runway workshop led by Seth Diabolito
• 12pm SLT to 1pm SLT = Fashion Show featuring the designs of Shiki, WTG Jewelry, Vero Modero, HOMME by Bliss Couture, Carisma, Nyu, and Vitamen hosted by Sweaty Badger

Friday, May 11, 2012

Egoisme releases ALEJANDRO skin

From across the industrial wastelands strides a man, powerfully built and handsome, his almond shaped eyes scan the horizon, ever watchful for signs of trouble.
As he turns, his face is lit up by flashes of neon, revealing seductively full lips, a strong jawline and a muscular throat. This man is feral, a fighter and street smart.
His rock hard abdominal muscles ripple as he reaches for the tool belt strapped around his taut waist, his strong hands wiping away layers of oil from his glistening, smooth skin.
Even in the half-light you can see that Alejandro, with his sensual Latin looks, is a man who doesn’t compromise on his masculinity: rugged, tough and super-hot, Alejandro is the skin for men confident of their sex appeal.
Alejandro is a skin that will inspire lust and admiration.
Skin will be release Saturday, 2 pm SLT

EGOISME main store

Monday, May 7, 2012

Countdown - Fierce Couture

“Fierce Couture” has to be considered regular part of the fashion guides...       

Friday, May 4, 2012

A taste of warm

An explosion of color seems to be a new trend brought to us from several SL designers.
What better way to make our days better than add some color to our looks.
Colorful casual chic, is my proposal this time.
Hope you like it!


Blazer - Gizza - Mesh [Lemon]
Shirt: GizzA - Print T-Shirts [Fish]

Pants - Chronokit - Fabre Pants (Orange)

Shoes - Entente- Cousteau Shoes
[Atro Patena] - Max_Brown

Necklace -  .HoD. - The Path To Forgiveness

Glasses -  Entente- Olivier glasses

Get ready!!!!

7th May, The Mens Dept is openning the doors with the May collection.

Great brands! Crazy prices!