Friday, May 11, 2012

Egoisme releases ALEJANDRO skin

From across the industrial wastelands strides a man, powerfully built and handsome, his almond shaped eyes scan the horizon, ever watchful for signs of trouble.
As he turns, his face is lit up by flashes of neon, revealing seductively full lips, a strong jawline and a muscular throat. This man is feral, a fighter and street smart.
His rock hard abdominal muscles ripple as he reaches for the tool belt strapped around his taut waist, his strong hands wiping away layers of oil from his glistening, smooth skin.
Even in the half-light you can see that Alejandro, with his sensual Latin looks, is a man who doesn’t compromise on his masculinity: rugged, tough and super-hot, Alejandro is the skin for men confident of their sex appeal.
Alejandro is a skin that will inspire lust and admiration.
Skin will be release Saturday, 2 pm SLT

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