Sunday, December 26, 2010


This blog was created for all SL people, specially those that work really hard to make possible our avi's do not look like Adam and Eve in the paradise. lol
With this blog, I want to create a nice space where you all can can keep up to date about all in SL fashion world.
Fashion shows, new releases, styling tips, bargains... all that not just models or fashion freaks may be interested.
There will be too a special place dedicated to all charity and humanitary causes. In such difficult times, and with so many people needing help for several diferent reasons, why not use SL too to help people? Sometimes it's hard to help in RL, cause we just or don't have money or simply do not know how to do it... Why not have fun while we are helping others?
You are welcome to participate, giving ideas, letting know about events, bargains, new releases or simply leaving a comment. You just have to choose the right place and do it. (in order to keep all in order, choose well the right page to post it;))
TY ALL, and hope you like this not just mine, but OUR space

Hugs and Kisses,