Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2nd Moolto Sisters Hunt - Styling Contest continuously strives to add value for our friends at Moolto and our latest endeavour took the form of a hunt!
Wear the magic glasses and have a lot of fun, was the motto!!!
From 1st-31st June, MOOLTO sisters hunted for the 2nd time through all the grid.
TOP DESIGNERS... Clothes, shoes, hairs, skins, poses, shapes, accessories... ALL that a girl can ask for, was part of the great package of amazing prizes of the MOOLTO hunt!!!
From 1st-10th July, they posted pictures, showing their best mix-n-match abilities, using items picked up from the hunt.
On July 17th, the fashionistas will show their styling abilities on a runway. Independent judges will cast their votes which will amount to 50% of total.
From 17th-31st July, PUBLIC VOTING on Moolto will be open. This voting will amount 50% of the total.
Prizes to be won:
1st Place: L$5.000 + feature in MORE Magazine
2nd Place: L$ 2.500+ feature in MORE Magazine
Join us on this event!!!

Date: Sunday 17th July
Time: 11am to 1pm
Location (Runway cafe)

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