Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!!!!

                                                                                                                                                                         2011 for me, was a year full of great possibilities.
Mostly, was an year of hard work, and I had the chance to work with some amazing designers and see more male collections coming to SL.
A year where I had the honor to be nominated and win some titles, that, mostly brought me the joy of knowing that hard work still pays off.

Through the year, I met some amazing people, that proved to me that it's still posible to believe in a better world:
A world where charity is seen as what it really is, and not a way of promotion.
A world where people have only one word, and not one word for each situation.
A world where honesty and humility are not mere words.

Not all things in life are like in fairy tales, but most important is that we all keep in mind that it's the ups and downs that make us grow as individuals, and specially it's in the downs that we can see the difference between good and the bad and know exactly who our friends are, or who is close to us cause it's convenient.

For 2012, I wish that both RL or SL bring the best to each of you!
A 2012 where people that work hard can reach their dreams.
A 2012 where people think more of others, instead of just their ego.
A 2012 where "drama" is just an art category
A 2012 where SL designers have more amazing creations and have their clothes as "the true stars".



  1. Hi Angel! I loved your post - it was very thought-provoking and beautiful. What wonderful words to live by! Thank you for sharing them. Hugs, Star

  2. It's me that has to thank you for reading them and specialy for leaving your coment.
    Big Hug!