Friday, October 5, 2012


"On September 22, 2012, Enzo Champagne had his account hacked by three individuals who took all of his money, stole additional money off of his personal PayPal account, and proceeded to spend all of it at one SL business.
Enzo immediately reported the incident to Linden Lab, as he should have.  He included the transactions so LL could see exactly who the thieves were.  The following day, the owner of the business returned all of Enzo’s funds and PayPal also returned the money that was stolen.
Enzo immediately informed Linden Lab that his money had been returned, and that they should continue to pursue and punish the three thieves.  LL then put a block on Enzo’s account, which is the normal course of business when investigating fraudulent transactions.  Incredibly, a few days after this, while waiting for his account to be reinstated, Enzo was informed that Linden Lab was PERMANENTLY TERMINATING this account!  They gave him no reason other than they found he had “violated the terms of TOS.”
Enzo prepared an appeal of his case but he is devastated, as you can imagine.  He has been in SL for four years, his character and integrity are beyond reproach, and now he may never be able to return to SL under his name and will lose all of his hard-earned money and the contents of his inventory, including all of his designs and textures.  He has lost the appeal, and is currently pinning his hopes on the efforts of someone who is trying to personally get someone at LL to again review his case.  The outlook is dim."

UNFORTUNATELLY, this is true... it really happend...
LL instead of blocking and do something against people that steal or earn money with others work, simply block accounts of innocent people.
I normally don't make comments, but in this case I can't hold myself.
Knowing Enzo both SL and RL, I know he could never do a thing like this!
He is one of the kindest person I know, and this is NOT FAIR AT ALL!
SL is announced as "a way to make your dreams come true", but with this, PLEASE... This is a total nightmare!
How about those people that earn their life from SL?
Yes, lots of people have their RL supported on SL.
Will LL block their accounts in case they report hackers or copybotters?

(A couple of hours after posting this, Enzo was back, thanks to all different requests, messages, blog posts and social networking. WB ENZO!!!!!) 

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