Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lazybum yummi releases

After the "glitter briefs", one of the most sexy briefs on the grid, Luciano Enoch from Lazybum, give us the pleasure of sharing with the shopaholics, a lot of new amazing creations.

Where to start with?

Animal striped Briefs? Cowl tanks? Ringmaster jackets? 

OMG it's all so sexy and so cool that the best is really to grab them all instead of deciding what to pick!!!!!!!!

These wild briefs come in Giraffe, Leopard, Snake, Tiger, and Zebra!
Models: Cole Delpiaz, Divos Titanium and Tyler Ethaniel

These unique tanks come in Black, Army,  Blue, Purple, White, and Circus.
Models: Angelik Lavecchia, Ritch Nichols and Johnny Ethaniel


These entertaining jackets come in Red, Black, Green, Magenta, Turquoise, and White.
Models: Luca boucher, Pilz Redgrave and Beckham Brunswick

Photographer: Pilz Redgrave

Don't miss this amazing new releases!!!!!

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