Wednesday, June 1, 2011

OG presents "Precious Blooms"

Outrageous Glamour Modeling Agency is proud to announce that on Sunday June 5th at 3pm slt we will be showcasing the jewelery of Finesmith Designs in a fun and innovative show entitled "Precious Blooms"
Come see how Yula Finesmith's amazing designs spring to life in this celebrations of sun, color, flowers and jewelry.

Featured models:
Anigma Eulenberg
Blackliquid Tokyoska
Diconay Boa
Leah Portland

Rhonda Pennell
Rissa Friller
Rusalka Callisto
Valeria Endrizzi

Scripter Writer :
Caoimhe Lionheart

Angelik Lavecchia
Matteo Bettencourt

Fill Zsun

Show Concept:
Lulu Breuer
Matteo Bettencourt
Yula Finesmith

Talyia Tarber

Don't forget your suntan lotion!

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