Thursday, June 9, 2011

22769 bigger store

22769 just rebuilt the store, and we can find it bigger and even more pleasant. They have now a nice cafe and will be for sure a nice place to visit and with much surprises to come.
As all know, 22769 loves hunts, and here I leave some of the great items you can grab from this amazing brand. (The best way to know a hint to find them is to touch the orange hintgiver on the event wall, cause they often rehide the hunt items)

Menstuff Hunt 2 - 3 June to 30 June
Hunt item: A blue sculpted t-shirt

The Silk Road Hunt 2 - 1 June to 30 June
Hunt item: A little pagoda

    The Superhero Hunt - 1 June to 30 June
Hunt item: The "Superman-Symbol"

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