Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HoE - New releases Sofia and Jazzy

Always concerned with elegance and sophistication, HoE releases not one, but two amazing gowns.
"SOFIA" and "JAZZY" will for sure amaze.

"SOFIA" is the perfect choice for every women that are proud to show all their femininity. A mix of purple and green, on a classy gown, that enhances every single curve of the body, embellished with green flowers, on the tights and cuff. 
Model: Mariella Spitteler

Sophistication in black, is the main idea expressed on "JAZZY".  Modern and Classic are perfectly matched on this gown. A gentle neckline enhanced with white roses catch our eyes. This dress is completed with a black hat, giving this whole look, the rich mix that Jazz music has too on it's essence.
Model: Natzuka Milliandrovic

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