Sunday, May 22, 2011

22769 - Again on the 49l for dudes

For the 6th time, 49l for dudes is on again. From the 22nd May to 28th May, amazing brands all around the grid, will have special items almost for free (just 49l). The items will be marked with a funky pink arrow.
This time, 22769 has to offer two great outfits, both reminding "vacations".

The "Light blue silkshirt Outfit", great for every summer party, comes with a silk light blue shirt with prim cuffs, collar and bottom part. To complete the look, denim rolled up shorts with striped cuffs.

The second option is a more casual look.
"Stripped baggyshorts outfit", comes with fresh striped baggy cargo shorts very detailed, and a black tank top.

Don't miss this two great outfits, for a really special price.


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