Thursday, June 7, 2012

MyANIMATION Couple Poses Contest!

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MyANIMATION Couple Poses Contest!
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Have you ever wanted your face displayed in a well known establishment?
What about being on display with a friend?
Want to make this happen?
Then, this is the right contest for you!!!!!

My ANIMATION is having a contest looking for the BEST photos showing off our couple poses!
This contest will last for 10 WEEKS, each week with a different pose, from 8th June till 18th August.
There will be a WINNER EACH WEEK and at the end of those 10 weeks will  be chosen the BIG PRIZE WINNER.
▶ Here's what you have to do:

= Go to MyANIMATION, grab the pose of the week (the pose will be marked as pose of the week).
= Take a picture showing off your avatar in that pose.
=  Photo's must be 1024 x 1024 pixels, JPG format, 100 dpi, full permission (no logo's or writing on the photos please). Please send photos of clear quality, they can be edited.
= Human avatars well proportioned and well styled.

▶ Send a NOTE CARD to Angelik Lavecchia titled "MyANIMATION Couple- (Week Number)- (YOUR NAME)"
Make sure to list the names of the models in the photo as well as the photographer and drop the Photo    inside your notecard.
= Join our Flickr Group
= Everyday, the photos will be posted in the MyANIMATIONS Flickr Group in order that are sent to Angelik Lavecchia. Anyone from Flickr Group will be able to add comments so you can invite your friends to comment your picture or others.
▶ Who will Judge Pictures?

The photos will be judged by:
= Ramona Criss (MyANIMATION CEO)
= Kpusha Kanto (MyANIMATION CEO)
= Angelik Lavecchia (MyANIMATION Manager)
=  Frolic Mills (B●SL & CO CEO)
= Ramses Meredith (EGOISME CEO)
= Ponchituti Boucher (Miss Mundo Virtual  CEO)
▶ How do I know If I'm Weekly winner?

= The winner of each week will be announced inworld in MyANIMATION group and in our Flickr Group & will be contacted by us.
▶When starts a NEW Weekly Contest?

There will be a NEW POSE ON EACH FRIDAY for the duration of the contest.
▶ When is DEADLINE to send the Photo?

Deadline for weekly entries is Wednesday at 12AM SLT. The weekly winner will be announced on Thursday of each week.
▶ PRIZES for Weekly  Winner:

= $L4.000 in MyANIMATION products
= Photo will be on display in the store showing off the pose, with the name of the contestant
= Winner will be given the pose of next week

At the end of the contest  the contestant that has the most victories will win:
= $L10,000 CASH
= $L5,000 in MyANIMATION products
= will be invited to join the MyANIMATION TEAM as a Photographer.

*note: If each week has a different winner, the judges will choose the best photo among them to win the grand prize.
▶ Disclaimer: MyANIMATION holds the rights to use any submitted photo for advertising and promotional purposes as they see fit.  MyANIMATION reserves the right to disqualify any participant for not following the terms of this contest.

Good luck to you ALL !!!

 If you have any questions feel free to contact Angelik Lavecchia.


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