Saturday, April 7, 2012

Don't touch my eggs

I was arriving home after doing some shopping for Eastern, and suddently I PANIC!!!!!
I noticed that the door was open!!!
Shacking, I step into the kitchen and OMGGGGGGGGGGGG MY EASTERN EGGS!!!!
After spending hours coloring them, Luca decided to not wait until sunday and started eating them.
I got so grrrrr.... grabbed the eggs basket and run after him...
(I think he got scared, cause it makes a lot I don't see him)
Special thank you to my friend Luca Boucher for the amazing laughs when we done this picture!!!


Kaftan Buttondown mesh (woven sands)
Couture Bathing Cap (Coral)
Expressions Lenses (BLOOM)
Cigarrette: [ O P E R A ] Bent cigarette
Skin: [dekade] Beno/ light (Exclusive Narcisus room)

Beads: Mardi Gras Beads - 2012 (Boystown)
Bunny Ears:{=BK=}
Suimsuit: Lazybum - Easter eggs (BT hunt)
Sneackers: Entente
Bunny ears: ATOI

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