Friday, December 9, 2011

OGlam Presents: Alien Nature - Kunglers

Journey to another world as AvaGardner Kungler and Barbra Kungler of Kunglers showcase their Fall/Winter 2011 designs.  This collection embraces the inspiration of nature in it's wild abandon with feathers, jewel tones, and exotic prints. Explore the otherworldy side of Kunglers.

Join us on 18th December at 1 PM as OGlam takes you on a journey to an alien world filled with Kunglers eclectic designs.

OG Models for the "Alien Nature" Kunglers Show:
Anigma Eulenberg
Joselyni Ferber
Linda Reddevil
Seashell  Dench
Vixie Rayna

OG Voice Host/ Music :
Editorial Clarity

OG Show Concept:
Vixie Rayna, Lulu Breuer and Matteo Bettencourt

OG Graphic & Photographer Team:
Lulu Jameson, Vixie Rayna and Secrets Bailey

OG Runway Manager:
Matteo Bettencourt

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