Thursday, September 8, 2011

House of Europe releases DOLOR


¡Oh, qué dulce dolor has thought for us House of Europe...for you, tasteful man that will wear this look and for us that, meeting you, will be much amazed and fascinated for take eyes off from you.
The breathtaking brown jacket has an avante garde taste with the light insert in middle the daring cut that enanche the body lines and your perfect abdominal.
The soft lines of the pants with the squared texture, lighten the lines of the look, balancing the rigour of the upper part, but still enanching the lines of the waist.
The accessories have a little fetish taste, with the latex gloves and the choker, and in perfect style of Hoe they are just perfectly made and outstanding in texture and armony with the rest of the look.
Do you wanna be modern and stylish?
Do you wanna feel amazing?
Do you wanna take the risk to have all eyes on you?
House of Europe is giving you the chanche for answer "yes".

House of Europe Main Store
House of Europe at Outrageous Glamour
House of Europe at AVCON
House of Europe at Costa Rica Sims

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