Monday, April 25, 2011

The Magician

(Fred a Romo)

There's something about you
you seem to have some type of magic
that makes me feel like I can touch the sky
It's something unexplainable...kinda defies all logic
Whatever it is...I know this much is true
you seem to have a magical way
of lifting my spirit when I'm feeling kinda blue
without saying a word, without even trying
magic always happens
when I'm lost, staring at you
What else can it be
no other word can describe
the amazing feeling I get
deep down inside
the magic I feel
when I look into your eyes

I don't know what it is about you
but I know this much is true
I just can't help but love
How I keep getting lost in your magic

Skin: Massimo Shaved - LaVie 
Makeup: MBlack [Full] - Lovely Mi Make-up
Tatoo: La Vita - Cheerno
Necklace: Strangeland necklace - A:S:S deLuxe 
Rings: *Gemma* Ring&Nail - Rozoregalia
Arm Jewlry: Tears and Chains - A:S:S deLuxe
Hat: Transformed part of the Outfit "Venecian Millenium" - Mea Culpa
Pants: Shalwar Outfits Vol.2 - Gizza
Boots: "Venecian Millenium" - Mea Culpa

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