Saturday, February 26, 2011

JSE in action

JSE Fashion in Action is proud to open it's doors for the very first time at home! The first show EVER to exclusively present the designs from Jasilyn Amiot herself!
A Burlesque themed show with a great mixture of sexy and formal clothing! You won't want to miss this Sexy event at ALL!
Not only is this amazing Dazzling show being sponsored by JaZzY's Designs, but you will see some hot designs from: UTOPIA, ALEIDA, Secret Passion Designs!
Plus, you'll get your very own copy of our 112+ page in-world magazine showing each design thats being shown! Afraid you missed something, saw a outfit and can't remember the name of it, don't worry! Our detailed program book will get you the information YOU need!
  • Jasilyn Amiot
  • Purr Foxclaw
  • Leah Portland
  • Koffee Juniper
  • Sabine Mortenwold
  • Lynne Violet
  • Naiya Kazyanenko 
  • Bearlyhere Quandry
  • Marty Feiri
  • Rissa Friller
  • Maribel Penucca
  • Lars Foulsbane
  • Raphael Treves
  • Manu Regginae
  • BurningBright Nightfire
  • ChristianDavid1 Destiny
  • Aspen Parx
  • LesPaul Ibanez
  • Xavier Midal
  • angelik Lavecchia
  • Matteo Bettencourt
  • Burly Tigerpaw
DJ : Isabelle Mavendorf
Come and join us on the 26th AND/OR the 27th of Feb. 2011 @ 1pm SLT!

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